10 of the Best eCommerce Web Designs of 2020

We left 2019 with some awesome designs, the main focus being storytelling and irresistible minimalism. Luckily, 2020 has kept some of the designs we loved and introduced some new trends too. We’ve scoured the internet for our favourite eCommerce designs so far this year, here are 10 of the best eCommerce web designs of 2020:

1. Susan Shaw Jewelry

Modern, elegant and very classy. Susan Shaw needed a website that represented their brand, extremely high-quality jewellery whilst appealing to their target audience. We worked with Susan Shaw to design a unique eCommerce store that would stand up with even the most premium jewellery store.

Susan Shaw Jewellery Store

2. Blissworld

Clean, modern and was also awarded the best overall design finalist.

Blissworld ecommerce web design

3. eatnuggs

No this isn’t just because we like chicken nuggets. Okay, maybe a little. NUGGS combines a minimalist design with simple but effective animations and it looks amazing.

eatnuggs ecommerce website

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4. Decibullz 

At Rainy City, we love an eCommerce store that can show off a product without trying to hard sell. Decibullz does a great job of showing off product features.

Decibullz eCommerce Store

5. theentireworld

Now from our list so far, you know we already love the modern, intuitive design that 2020 has to offer. Sometimes it’s good to strip right back theentireworld does this really well.

theentireworld ecommerce store design

6. Dimple

Clean and well thought out design with good use of typography and product shots.

DimplesContacts - Ecommerce store design

7. Skullcandy

Whilst clean and simple is nice, sometimes it just doesn’t suit the brand. The Skullcandy store has a great balance of visuals and text that show off their products.

Skullcandy ecommerce store

8. Jackie Smith

We love colour involved in a store design, when done right that is. Jackie Smith is a brilliant example of an eCommerce store that uses bright colours well that enhance the experience of browsing their store.

Jackie Smith ecommerce store


9. thing industries 

The products, branding and typography. Who are we fooling, we love everything about this eCommerce store.


Big product shots, clean animations and typography, all packaged up in a really sophisticated design.

cowboy ecommerce store design

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