Shopify vs Shopify Plus 2023

Shopify vs Shopify Plus 2023


At a turning point in your brand? Struggling to choose between Shopify vs Shopify Plus?

Shopify at its core is great for small to medium brands looking to sell online. If you’re moving up and your brand is at a turning point or you’re an enterprise doing millions in sales, a more customisable experience, that’s where Shopify Plus comes into action, a more customisable, enterprise geared Shopify.

Shopify Plus comes with the same dashboard and features that you get with Shopify along with new features, your store’s code, integration, dedicated support and much more.

Here’s our comparison of Shopify vs Shopify Plus and what new features Shopify Plus gets you:

Shopify vs Shopify Plus: The 10 Main Differences

1. Shopify Plus offers more theme customisation options

Shopify Plus allows merchants to take customisation to the next level. With Shopify Plus, you’ll get access to Liquid, Shopify’s theme language. This means you’ll be able to make extensive changes on the backend with greater control over your code.

2. You get more personalised, dedicated support with Shopify Plus

With just Shopify, you’ll get support via phone, email and LiveChat which is great. Alternatively, if you’re a growing brand that’s scaling then you may have Shopify Experts like us on hand to help. Don’t already? Feel free to book your free strategy session with us below.

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With Shopify Plus, you’ll get a bit more personalised, dedicated support with your Shopify store. A launch engineer will be assigned to your website to guide you through your entire setup/migration process. The launch engineer will be there to hold throughout.

Ready to move to Shopify Plus? Find out more about our 👉  Shopify Plus migrations.

3. The checkout process is fully customisable with Shopify Plus

When you’re scaling your store, you’ll want to offer a unique experience for your customers, especially ones that are shopping with you regularly and spending a lot of money.

Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for this, making it possible for merchants to customise their checkout experiences, based on what they have in their shopping cart along with other conditions.

One of the main features that merchants on Shopify Plus can take advantage of is Shopify scripts. The Script Editor gives merchants the ability to customise customers field, payment options and shipping methods.

4. You can access unlimited staff accounts with Shopify Plus

With a regular Shopify account, you’ll only have a few limited staff accounts.

Once you reach a certain level within your brand, you’ll have more of a need to add staff accounts as you grow. With Shopify Plus you’ll be able to add unlimited staff accounts, with additional permissions settings.

5. Shopify Plus has a dedicated ‘Wholesale Channel’

For merchants that offer wholesale, Shopify Plus offers a wholesale channel.

When your business reaches enterprise level it’s highly likely that some customers want to purchase from you in bulk orders.

The Shopify Plus wholesale channel allows you to create a separate store based on your B2C store. This allows you to offer customised price lists, discount codes and more.

6. Shopify Plus has a Merchant Success Program

Shopify Plus empowers brand growth and helps merchants get the highest value out of its platform with its Merchant Success Program.

The team is on hand to help you with third-party integrations, products and platforms as well as providing assistance to scale even further.

7. There’s more advanced API integrations with Shopify Plus

Helping merchants take full advantage of third-party apps, Shopify Plus offers enhanced API resources such as:

  • GiftCard – alternative payment method
  • Multipass login redirects visitors to the Shopify store
  • User allows you to make changes with staff accounts

8. You can get tailored pricing options with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus pricing is tailored depending on your requirements. This can start with a variable monthly fee depending on your requirements, plus transaction fees once the site is live.

The core basic Shopify plans have flat pricing regardless of your sales numbers with Shopify Plus, you’ll have to talk to sales for an exact cost.

9. Manage multiple stores from one dashboard with Shopify Plus

A new dashboard features on Shopify Plus now, with the ability to manage all of your stores, staff accounts, analytics, permissions and other tools.

The dashboard on Shopify Plus gives you a solid overview of your business, improving management and automation so you can focus on your brand growth.

10. Access advanced analytics with Shopify Plus

Customer data is the key to growing any online business. Shopify Plus offers advanced analytics from leading companies, helping you identify consumer trends and purchase behaviour within your store.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus Roundup 

Rounding things up, both Shopify and Shopify Plus are great e-commerce platforms and will enable you to scale your e-commerce brand. Depending on where you’re at with your business will dictate which platform is best for you.

The biggest difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus is that with Plus you’ll get a whole host of extra features that will benefit enterprises generating millions. Along with features to scale comes extra support and functionality.

If you’re ready to get started with Shopify Plus, feel free to book your free strategy session below.

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Shopify vs Shopify Plus FAQ

As an accredited Shopify Plus Agency, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about Shopify vs Shopify Plus.

What’s the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a more advanced version of Shopify, designed for high-volume merchants with complex needs. It offers additional features such as customizable checkout and scripting automation, as well as enhanced security and scalability. Shopify Plus also comes with a higher price tag than Shopify and requires merchants to go through an application and approval process before being granted access to the platform.

Is Shopify Plus worth the money?

Whether or not Shopify Plus is worth the money depends on your specific business needs and goals.

Shopify Plus offers advanced features such as multi-currency support, customisable checkout, and automation capabilities, which can be valuable for high-volume merchants with complex requirements. However, it also comes with a significantly higher price tag than Shopify, and requires a minimum monthly fee. If you're a small business or just starting out, Shopify may be a more affordable and suitable option. On the other hand, if you have a larger business and require the additional features and scalability offered by Shopify Plus, it may be worth the investment.

Why would I need Shopify Plus?

If you want to take your business to the next level, Shopify Plus might be what you need. It's designed for businesses that need more advanced features and customisation options than the standard Shopify platform provides. Here are some reasons why you might consider upgrading:

  • Scalability: Shopify Plus can handle large volumes of traffic and sales without slowing down, making it suitable for high-growth businesses.
  • Customisation: Shopify Plus allows for greater customization of your online store, with the ability to build custom checkout flows and add personalised branding and messaging.
  • Advanced features: Shopify Plus includes additional features such as scripting automation, multi-currency support, and access to exclusive APIs, which can help streamline your operations and provide a better customer experience.
  • Dedicated support: Shopify Plus comes with a dedicated account manager and support team, providing faster response times and personalised assistance.
  • Security and compliance: Shopify Plus includes advanced security features and compliance certifications, such as PCI DSS Level 1, which can give you and your customers greater peace of mind.

Is Shopify 2.0 the same as Shopify Plus?

No, Shopify 2.0 is not the same as Shopify Plus. Shopify 2.0 is a new version of the standard Shopify platform that was released in late 2021, offering new features such as the ability to build custom pages and sections without the need for a developer. Shopify 2.0 is available to all Shopify merchants, regardless of their subscription. 

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, is a separate and more advanced version of the Shopify platform, designed for high-volume merchants with complex requirements. In summary, while Shopify 2.0 and Shopify Plus are both versions of the Shopify platform, they are designed for different types of businesses with different needs and requirements.

Can you upgrade from Shopify to Shopify Plus?

Yes, you can upgrade from Shopify to Shopify Plus if you meet the eligibility requirements. To upgrade, you'll need to contact Shopify Plus sales team and discuss your business needs. They will review your account and help determine if Shopify Plus is a good fit for your business.

If you are eligible to upgrade, Shopify will migrate your store to the Shopify Plus platform within 24 business hours and provide you with a dedicated account manager to help you with the transition.

When should I switch to Shopify Plus?

You should switch to Shopify Plus if your business has complex requirements that cannot be fully supported by the standard Shopify platform. Some signs that you may need Shopify Plus include high sales volume (as a loose guide, Shopify says that brands normally upgrade when their online sales reach about $80,000 UDS / £66,630 per month), specific customisations or automation needs, multi-store management, and advanced security requirements. Contact Shopify Plus sales team to discuss your eligibility for the platform.

How do you qualify for Shopify Plus?

To qualify for Shopify Plus, your business needs to have a proven track record of high-volume sales (usually over $1 million annually), complex requirements that can't be fully supported by the standard Shopify platform, scalability, high security and compliance needs, and financial stability. You can contact Shopify Plus sales team to discuss your eligibility for the platform.

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