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Our free audit analyzes the customer experience, usability and performance of your site to give you deeper insight into how you can boost your conversion rate and scale your business. We’re nice like that.

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    Our team of Shopify experts will take a look at your store from your customers shoes and highlight key areas of improvement to help increase your conversion rate.

    Using our 10-step strategy, we test and analyze the usability of your site, all those little details that make the bigger picture – from page load times, roadmaps, and navigation. We’ll work through your key pages, like the Homepage, Product page and Cart.

    User experience

    Know what you find on every website with high conversions? Two elements: arts and smarts. We review your site through your customers’ eyes, looking deeply into the aesthetics and the functionality – finding what needs a face-lift and where customers are getting lost.

    Mobile usability

    Little fact: 80% of online purchases are via smartphones and what works on a big screen doesn’t always translate to smaller devices. Our analysis makes sure you’re working for everyone, from iPhones to Androids.


    They have a saying at Google HQ – speed is a killer. A big chunk of your SEO is based on your page speeds, so it needs to be Usain Bolt fast. And this is just one critical area. We take a look under your site’s hood at the key metrics influencing your site’s performance.

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